ORT dressmaking course in Telšiai [Telz], 1922.  World ORT Archive Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum
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“The greatest ambition of children from poor families is not a gymnasium, not a higher education institution, but to learn a trade.” The branch in Panevėžys was registered in December  1921. In June 1939, bank director Beras Levinas was  elected chairman; deputy chairman was industrialist  Vulfas Gvintas. The branch ran a joiners’ workshop.  On 6 August 1940, ORT and its branches were closed in  Lithuania. The leaders of Panevėžys branch did not know  this and on 8 August put up notices in the city inviting  young people to enrol at the vocational school which was  to be opened in Panevėžys; small store owners and traders  were offered a trade course. An officer of Panevėžys  militia station interrogated the society leaders about this  issue, but the case was dropped. After the ORT Panevėžys branch was closed, the -joiners’  and metalworkers’ tools were kept at the Panevėžys  premises of the Central Jewish Bank to support  cooperation in Lithuania. In January 1941 the city’s first  state vocational school took over 168 tools; another 45  were discarded as too old to use. The society’s funds were transferred to the People’s  Education Commissariat and People’s Culture Fund. 
ORT Panevėžys [Ponevezh] branch’s teachers and students, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive
Application by Dobė Blinder, a student of ORT Panevėžys [Ponevezh] dressmaking course, to grant her financial aid for studies, 12 September 1937. LCVA
Application by Beras Vulfas Levinas, stating that he agrees to be a board member of the ORT Panevėžys [Ponevezh] branch, 1939. LCVA
Notice stating that a Jewish vocational school will be established: applications by young people of 14–16, who wish to attend metalworking and joiners’ school with Yiddish as the language of instruction can be sent in until August 15, 1940. LCVA
ORT trade-courses students at work on the interior of Panevėžys Ponevezh] synagogue, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive
Aron ha Kodesh (Torah ark), made by the students of ORT in Panevėžys [Ponevezh], 1920–1930. World ORT Archive
Example of an ORT Jonava [Yanova] branch stamp, 1939. LCVA