Joiners’ workshops at ORT Šiauliai branch, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive
ORT Šiauliai branch postcards. LCVA
Application by Samuelis Petuchauskas, Chair of Šiauliai branch, stating that he agrees to be a member of ORT Šiauliai branch board, 1940. LCVA
Application by Levas Todesas, stating that he agrees to be a member of the ORT Šiauliai branch, 1940. LCVA
Report by the State Security Department on Levas Todesas, Šiauliai branch member of the board: “he is closer to communists as one of his sons has been sentenced to 12 years’ hard labour for communist activities. There is no data about anti-state activities of other leaders”, 7 February 1938. LCVA
ORT Šiauliai [Shavli] branch board, 31 May 1940. LCVA
Teaching staff and students of the dressmaking course, Šiauliai, 1930s.  World ORT Archive
After the Second World War broke out, Jewish refugees from Poland, Germany, and Czechoslovakia arrived in Šiauliai. In 1940 the ORT Šiauliai branch opened a free of charge evening course in electrical engineering that accepted Jewish refugees over the age of 15. It was attended by local students (35) in the mornings and by Jewish war refugees (40) in the afternoons. Fifty-three women took the dressmaking course.
Ladies’ tailoring workshop of the ORT Society at the Jewish national school in Šiauliai [Shavl], 1930s. World ORT Archive
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