Classroom at ORT Kaunas [Kovno] vocational school, 1937.  Photograph by J. Fridman, World ORT Archive Staff and students in a workshop, Kaunas [Kovno], 1930. World ORT Archive Craftspeople deserve respect from society School workshop, Kaunas [Kovno], equipped in 1935. Photographer J. Fridman,World ORT Archive
The new vocational school in an ORT postcard, Kaunas [Kovno]. LCVA 
A Modern vocational school: the pride of ORT With increasing student numbers the old premises in a cramped basement on Italijos Street No 4 (today Mackevičiaus Street but the building has not survived) were not up to the requirements of the school and the school board took the decision to build a new school. Part of the funds came from the World ORT Central Board in Paris; some was borrowed from state savings banks. In 1934 ORT Kaunas received permission from the city municipality to build a school on a private plot of land on Jonavos Street No 76 (today  Jonavos Street No 66). The construction of the building was completed in 1935. The ground floor was initially equipped for a metalworking section; in 1936 a new electrical engineering section started work on the first floor. ORT provided teaching aids and equipment and when the school moved to its new premises all the necessary teaching equipment was renewed. In 1937 a new speciality was introduced in the fourth-year metalworking class – garage services. To this end a garage was built and the necessary instruments and equipment were acquired. The workshop for car repair services had eight students from the fourth- year metalworking class and employed a mechanic. By 1939 the garage was referred to as a separate unit.
Student by a lathe at a school workshop, Kaunas [Kovno], 1938. World ORT Archive
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