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Participants in the metalworking course, 1934. World ORT Archive
In 1935, when the new school building was constructed, adult evening courses were held in its premises and almost all teachers and instructors were the same as in the vocational school.
Participants in the sewing course of ORT Kaunas [Kovno], 1922. World ORT Archive
“ORT was concerned with the future generation of girls: they were taught at the ORT clothing workshops. They were future dress- makers.” From a 1940 publication about the ORT vocational school. LCVA
Course in men’s tailoring. From a 1940 publication about the ORT vocational school. LCVA
Mina Javnaitė-Braudienė, who taught Lithuanian and history at the millinery course, 1939. LCVA
A Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas student- performance record book of  Šleima Lipšicas, lecturer at the tinsmiths’ course, 1937. LCVA
Vocational courses in Kaunas: providing professional knowledge and innovation Having good teaching facilities in Kaunas (the school’s workshops), ORT offered various courses for adults led by the vocational school’s teachers. Courses were held at the school and in other suitable premises, and made use of the school’s facilities. Besides a trade, Lithuanian and history were also taught. The participants paid a monthly fee, but ORT could reduce fees for poorer students, and in exceptional cases was able to offer an exemption. The heads and instructors of the course did not receive salaries; all profits went to the ORT vocational school. Those who passed the examinations successfully received standard certificates from the Specialised Education department.
Izaokas Braudo, teacher at the electrical engineering course in 1933. Braudo taught electrical engineering and led a preparatory course. LCVA
Publication devoted to the ORT Kaunas vocational school, 1940. LCVA
Permission to run the ORT Kaunas six- month corset- making course, issued by the Ministry of Education in 1936. LCVA
Permission to run the ORT Kaunas 18- month metalworking course, issued by the Ministry of Education in 1933. LCVA
Request by Miriam Šatal, a student of the Plungė ORT course, asking to transfer her to the wall-painting course at ORT Kaunas, 24 August 1937. LCVA