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Training of future dressmakers at the dressmaking section In 1922 a sewing section for girls was opened at the school, which from 1923 also admitted boys; from 1933 again only girls were admitted. It always operated in separate premises, even when the new school building was constructed: the facility was in a rented building on Elizos Ožeškienės Street in Kaunas.
Riva Pažerskaitė Altfeldienė and Judelis Altfeldas, her first husband, the former burgomaster of Šakiai, 1924. Daughter Judith Rozina’s personal archive.
Nechama Garonaitė (second, right) with colleagues. Her dress was made according to Paris designs. Judith Rozina’s personal archive
Riva Altfeldienė and Berta Lifšinienė in Paris. Judith Rozina’s personal archive.
Professional development of teachers In 1938 the school sent metalworking instructor Izraelis Bereznickis to Czechoslovakia. The school took great efforts to get permission to send the teacher to Volman Machine Tools company to improve his skills. Ronė Berkmanaitė-Ešteinienė who taught technical drawing, embroidery and other subjects was sent by the school’s pedagogical council to Paris to improve her skills during the summer holidays. Simonas Kačerginskis, instructor of the men’s garments section, went to Berlin during the 1931 summer vacation, to improve his skills in clothes cutting. Sewing course teacher Riva Altfeldienė had two diplomas from French schools: École Pigier in Paris and Cours de Coupe et Couture du Systeme S. Levitanus, Paris. Some teachers also practised a trade so they were good experts. For instance, dressmaking section teacher Eugenija Joselevičienė had a diploma from the Academie de Coupe de Paris and owned her own dressmaking shop in Kaunas.
Personal accsessories of Riva Altfeldienė. Photograph by P. Račiūnas, daughter Judith Rozina’s property
Paris diplomas of Riva Altfeldienė, teacher at the dressmaking Section, received in 1932. Daughter Judith Rozina’s personal archive
Riva Altfeldienė, instructor of the dressmaking section, was sent to Paris to improve her skills, 1932. LCVA