Students in the fields of Ungurinė [Ungarina] farm (Marijampolė [Marjampol] county), 19341935. World ORT Archive Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum
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Housekeeping and home economics course The first ORT agricultural labour school in Lithuania was opened in 1928. However, due to financial difficulties it was closed two years later. In May 1934 permission was given to establish a 12-month housekeeping and home economics course in Ungurinė estate, Marijampolė county. The following year it was transferred to Kalinava estate near Kaunas. Young girls and boys over the age of 16 with elementary school or other equivalent education were admitted. Lectors, practical work instructors and course leaders taught the students. Agronomists Jacob Oleiski and Jokūbas Roseinas led the course; the latter wrote the book “Mes tapsime žemdirbiais” (We Will Become Farmers). Refugees from Nazi Germany also enrolled on the course. Groups with names such as Kūjis (Hammer), Ekonomija (Economy), Hechalutz (the Pioneer), Avoda (Work) and others completing the course worked in various countries; most of them left for Palestine.
Permit issued by the Ministry of Education to open a 12-month course in housekeeping and home economics in the Ungurinė [Ungarina] estate, 1934. LCVA
Beekeeping work on an ORT farm in Ungurinė [Ungarina], Marijampolė [Marjampol] county, 2 May 1934. World ORT Archive
Ungurinė [Ungarina] course teachers and students, 2 May 1934. World ORT Archive