Ukmergė’s [Vilkomir’s] Tarbut schoolchildren in the school’s vegetable garden, 1922.  Photograph by M. Levi. World ORT Archive Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum The spread of ORT ideas in Lithuania Šiauliai Shavli Kaunas Kovno Kybartai Kibart Virbalis Virbaln Šakiai Shaki Naumiestis Naishtut Vilkaviškis Vilkovishk Alytus Alyta Seirijai Serej Simnas Simne Butrimonys Butrimantz Kėdainiai Keidan Jonava Yanova Utena Utian Radviliškis Radvilishok Telšiai Telz Plungė Plungian Marijampolė Marjampol Raseiniai Raseyn Tauragė Tavrig Ukmergė Vilkomir Kalvarija Kalvaria Panevėžys Ponevezh Vilnius Vilna Mažeikiai Mazheik
When the society was established its ideas spread to Lithuanian cities and small towns ORT society branches were opened throughout Lithuania, and in the summer of 1940 there were 25 of them: in Alytus, Butrimonys, Jonava, Kalvarija, Kaunas, Kėdainiai, Naumiestis, Kybartai, Marijampolė, Mažeikiai, Panevėžys, Plungė, Radviliškis, Raseiniai, Seirijai, Simnas, Šakiai, Šiauliai, Tauragė, Telšiai, Ukmergė, Utena, Vilkaviškis, Virbalis and Vilnius. Industrialists, bankers, doctors, teachers, engineers, merchants, lawyers, bakers, joiners, hatters, tanners and others were usually elected to the chapters’ committees. The branches helped to achieve the main goals of ORT to: educate the younger generation of Jews, train tradesmen and agricultural labour specialists, improve the skills of the older  generation of Jews, train Jewish workers to provide them with the chance to work, get Jewish workers involved in industry and agriculture.
Map showing the society’s branches in 1940
The first graduates of the ORT Ukmergė [Vilkomir] crafts course, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive
Amatininkas (Tradesman), 9 May 1935, No 19 (64)
Application by Berelis Trubavičius, a shop owner from Radviliškis [Radvilishok], to let him join ORT, 1939.  LCVA The number of the society’s members was not limited. Men and women aged over 20 could join. Members had to pay a fee.
Spread of ORT ORT Vilkaviskis ORT Panevezys Housekeeping Courses Jewish Village Trade Courses ORT Siauliai ORT Marijampole ORT ideas spread from Kaunas throughout Lithuania