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Trade course for Marijampolė’s refugees: the last hope was emigration After the war broke out in 1939, many refugees, Jews among them, arrived in Lithuania from Poland. Many of them stayed in Marijampolė, the largest town in the Polish border region. The Paris-based ORT Central Board decided to open a course in trades for war refugees and committed to finance it. In April 1940, ORT, receiving some funds for the course from Paris, applied for permission to the Education Minister to establish a trade course for refugees in Marijampolė. It was granted on 15 May 1940; engineer Slava Braudaitė was appointed the head of the course. Mejeris Joselevičius, Klejeris Kliačko, Doba Arlukaitė, and Rachelė Kupienė were appointed lecturers. Some of them were refugees themselves. On 6 August 1940, after ORT in Lithuania had already closed, the education people’s commissariat of Soviet Lithuania took over the course until its closure. Permission was granted to complete the course, therefore the dressmaking course was to be closed on 15 May 1941, while other sections were closed on 15 November 1940. On 2 September 1940, the following number of students attended the courses: electrical engineering section – about 30 students; dressmaking – 25 girls; shirt making section – 17 students; millinery – 8 students. Engineer Naftalis Lurje was the last head of the course.
List of Jewish lectors, war refugees of the course in Marijampolė [Marjampol], 1940. LCVA
CV of Slava Braudaitė, 27 April 1940. LCVA
Slava Braudaitė’s application to appoint her as head of trade courses for refugees in Marijampolė [Marjampol], 27 April 1940. LCVA
Information about the students of the trade course for war refugees in Marijampolė [Marjampol]. When ORT was closed, the education people’s commissariat of Soviet Lithuania took over the course, 2 September 1940. LCVA
Permission issued to ORT by the Ministry of Education to establish trade courses for refugees in Marijampolė [Marjampol], 15 May 1940. LCVA
ORT application for the establishment of courses for refugees in Marijampolė [Marjampol], 15 April 1940. LCVA