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Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum ORT In Lithuania Today
The story of ORT continues. World ORT was able to return to the USSR in1991. Since then, it has re-established itself throughout the Baltic States and in the countries of the former Soviet Union. ORT’s schools and educational facilities are now considered as some of the finest establishments available in the region. World ORT returned to Lithuania in 2002 and in the same year opened an ORT Technology Centre at the Sholom Aleichem secondary school. At first the school had just two computer classes. Later, following intensive teacher training, World ORT introduced a computerised laboratory for physics, chemistry and biology; video-conference equipment and interactive whiteboards. Several school teachers have taken part in information and technology courses in London, organised by World ORT and students participate in summer schools organised by World ORT in London and Israel. Today, the Sholom Aleichem secondary school is the best- equipped school in the field of IT and is recognised as one of the best schools in the city. Proud of its advantages, the school demonstrates and shares the benefits of its modern facilities by organising seminars for teachers from other Lithuanian schools.
The school is very grateful for World ORT’s support: the school authorities asked Vilnius City Municipality to rename it the Sholom Aleichem ORT Secondary School
Educating for Life: A Step into the Future In the framework of its regeneration programme, World ORT continues to support the Sholom Aleichem school, renewing equipment and computers, introducing new teaching methods, technologies, supporting Jewish subjects and providing advanced teacher training. World ORT’s contribution to the improvement of the country’s education system has been proven to be successful: in 2011 at the IT Exhibition at the “Litexpo Centre”, the Sholom Aleichem school’s students demonstrated their achievements in the field. As part of the ORT schools network, Sholom Aleichem school benefits from many international programmes, including cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Education, which provides teachers of Hebrew and other Jewish subjects. In addition to the school, the ORT ICT Centre at the Jewish community centre in Vilnius provides a fast Internet connection, computers, printers and other equipment and is making a difference to the lives of the community, both young and old. Through more than 130 years of turbulent world and Jewish history, ORT has faithfully served the community. While continually adapting to a rapidly changing world, it stands fast to its mission of Educating for Life.