Metalworking workshop, 19201930. World ORT Archive
The ORT Vilna Private Technicum The Technicum was established in 1920. It was a well-equipped school with various work-shops and laboratories and taught technical subjects. The only other similar establishment in the region at that time was in Russia. Pupils who had completed four years at reformed gymnasiums were enrolled. Studies lasted for three years, and school graduates became technicians and engineers’ assistants. Twenty-five disciplines were taught at the school. Students learned the basics of the construction of various machines, metalworking in particular, but also hoisting machines, steam boilers, and all sorts of power machines including heat engines, steam turbines and electric machines. In order to acquire practical skills students worked at the school laboratories – in physics, chemistry, technology, electrical engineering and assembling. There they carried out assignments, learned to use various tools as well as machine maintenance, regulation, repairs, etc. Besides laboratories, there were a forge, metal workshop, machine and metalworking workshop, steel foundry and electrical- engineering workshop. Many school graduates started as ordinary workers at lathes, diesel engines or some other equipment. The trai- ning of such workers was not the school’s goal, but graduates who did the work scrupulously were soon promoted to a higher position of a technician. Much attention was given to technical drawing. After three years of studies students were able to draw even very complicated hoisting machines, heat engines and other equipment so precisely that they would not have disgraced any polytechnic establishment. ORT helped students to achieve the goal; it provided laboratories, workshops, drawing and drafting rooms, a library, suitable equi- pment in the classrooms, and a well-qualified teaching staff (10 engineers, 6 teachers, several instructors, draftsmen, etc.) and admi- nistrative personnel.
Facade of the ORT Vilna Technicum, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive 
4th graduating class of the ORT Vilna Technicum, 1926.  World ORT Archive
ORT Vilna Technicum graduates, 1928. World ORT Archive 
Drafting classroom, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive 
Every theoretical issue is discussed from a practical perspective here Physics laboratory, Vilnius, 19201930.  World ORT Archive
Electrical engineering classroom, 1938. World ORT Archive 
Certificate signed by the Head of the ORT Vilna Technicum , Dr Matitjahu Schreiber, sent to the Ministry of Education stating that 22 questionnaires were filled in by school teachers, 19 November 1939. LCVA
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