ORT Vilna Technicum Library: the archive of drawings and models, 19201930. World ORT Archive Fifth-term students with Technicum Head Dr Matitjahu Schreiber in the courtyard, 1934.  World ORT Archive
Technicum teachers and ORT personnel took care of programmes,  the organisation of the teaching process, improvement of instruction  and equipment.  Everyone was proud of the school publishing house, which  published technical literature used for instruction in Yiddish. The  only serious Yiddish publishing house of its kind in the Vilnius area,  it published books on electrical and steam machines, heat engines,  steam boilers, thermodynamics, resistance of material, etc.  During its 19 years of operation the school trained more than 600  technicians; of whom 80 per cent had emigrated. Indeed, it would be  difficult to find a country in the world where no single Jew with an  ORT Vilna graduation certificate had worked. Some graduates later  continued their studies at polytechnic schools in Belgium and  France or in Haifa and worked as engineers after graduation. There  was not a single factory owned by Jews in the Vilnius area, nor a  technical bureau, sawmill, or a windmill which did not employ the  vocational school’s graduates. Many graduates found jobs with large  firms such as the Elektrit radio factory, engineer Kavenokis’  technical bureau, the paper factory in Valkininkai, the Kinkulkinas-  owned windmill and others.  The Technicum had a large collection of letters by former students  from all over the world. They did not forget the Technicum,  expressed their gratitude in the letters, were interested in its  activities, and wrote about their working experience and  achievements. 
The library had the latest books, mostly in German,  Russian, Polish, French and English. Published technical  books in Yiddish were rare. Teachers and engineers – I.  Trokas, M. Schreiber, A. Kremeris, M. Gordonas, L.  Rozenšteinas, E. Finas – wrote teaching aids in Yiddish  themselves. Teaching aids on higher mathematics,  electric power substations, water turbines, steam boilers,  chemistry, etc. were prepared. 
ORT Vilna Technicum Library: technical drawing and design section, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive
Covers of electrotechnical text books by teacher, Engineer Kremer, published by the ORT Vilna Technicum, 1934 and 1936. World ORT Archive
The Technicum canteen, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive
Students in the physics laboratory, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive
Members of the teachers board of the ORT Vilna Technicum, 1935. World ORT Archive
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