ORT Vilnius [Vilna] vocational school’s assembly workshop. On the floor, ceiling and the wall on the right – shafts; on the left, an engine under repair, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive ORT in Vilnius The Jews' Vocational School The ORT Vilna Technicum 1 The ORT Vilna Technicum 2 Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum
The ORT Vilnius Jews’ vocational school The Vilnius Society for the Advancement of Skilled Trades and Diligence among Vilnius Jews had a private vocational school. It worked according to a programme similar to ORT’s secondary vocational school in Kaunas. Jewish boys over the age of 14 who had left sixthform elementary school were accepted. The boys’ aptitude and family financial status were taken into account upon enrolling at the school. Children from poor families and children’s homes were given preference; they studied free of charge, while others had to pay a fee. The school had departments of mechanics and electrical engineering and trained qualified craftsmen who could work independently or for industrial firms. The school was located on the ORT premises at Gdansko Street No 3 (today Islandijos Street No 3), had the necessary machines and mechanical equipment, well-equipped workshops and qualified engineers and technicians among its staff.
ORT Vilna Technicum class No 1 of electrical engineering, 1920–1930. World ORT Archive
Example of an ORT Vilnius vocational school stamp, 1940. LCVA
The school was especially popular with poorer people The Vilnius Jews’ Vocational School